Mi Light RGBW LED Strip

I’ve an RGBW LED Strip with a Mi-Light controller (and also a 2.4ghz remote control).

Is there any possibilty to add this to homey? Oterwhise which controller/product should I buy to make it work? I don’t need a wall switch or something; control with homey is enough.

You will need the Mi Light Ibox 2 for example, this allows for control with mobile phone and you can connect this one to homey

Thanks! I already bought this controller at Aliexpress and am waiting for it to be delivered. Spoke to someone who said he connected this controller directly to his Homey, so I ordered it :wink:

Hi! I have the same issue - can I ask if your new controller worked well with the Homey app?

Ok, thank you.
But which one, the “RF” version?

I’ve bought the WiFi RGBW version and it’s working great :slight_smile:

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has anyone used the new MiBoxer re-branded ones with Homey? the WL-Box1.
the firmware on them has changed from the iBox2, eg you cant set a password etc on there is no web UI any more on the new versions and the device is now Tuya based
anyone been able to re flash them to something usefull even?