Milight miboxer

Hi, today i saw on aliexpress a new wifi box for milights. It was called mi boxer. It sad 2 way communication, so now the controler knows the state of the lights.

This is something I found very annoying about my milights.

I’m using aqara switches, but my kids all have a milight remote by there beds, so if the turn on the lights with the milight remote, the homey doesn’t know this.

Is this Mi Boxer a original milight and will this be supported by homey??


the older v6 (and higher) of the bridge is already 2 way communication, but that doesn’t mean it wil send its current state. (which the v6 (and higher) can’t)
2 way communication is only send from the controller, and receive an acknowledge back that the signal was received.

If i’m checking the app with my old versions, the app doesn’t know the state if it changed by a remote, but at a side of the miboxer version it says 'Smartphone APP control, Two-way data communication let you know the light status at any time, so that one is reporting someting back to the app

I would love it if my homey knows the state at any time

then feel free to send in a request, as it is an Athom app, you’ll have to use this form, as Athom most likely won’t read this.

I also have submitted a request to Homey. The Miboxer doesn’t work with Homey. I have contacted with Homey and they told me i have to make a request.

I also filled in a request form

Lets hope they will implement it soon :slight_smile:

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I also use the new branded MI-Boxer gateways and lights as a cheaper variant then the Philips Hue lights. The app from MI-Boxer is very poor with limited functionality. And Google Assistent does not support the 4 zones of the gateway. So I also put in the request to work with Homey. Hope that helps to get this properly working and set up flows.

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Any news on this?

I can link the new Mi-boxer wifi box to google home. Is it not posible to use that api to link it to homey ore to IFTTT so we can use a work a round.

I have a solution
the wl-box 1 can be linked with the tuya smart app and you can add the lamps
you choose add device then lighting
then lighting (other) after this you reset your wl box and then you let it search
then you open the homey app and you can add your lamp with tuya cloud

But you can only add one zone right? So you loose the functionality of having multiple zones?

Other solution

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just to let you know … the same app like Tuya Cloud appeared in app store. It`s called MiBoxer Smart. It seems like a 100% copy of Tuya Cloud.