MiBoxer 2.4 Ghz Gateway or

Hi All,

Well i bought myself the Homey Pro …!!YEAH!! so getting started to connect all my devices to it.

So i am fronting now to my first challenge how to control the lights !
I am using bulbs, ledstrips, led controller and 8 zone controller from Milight.

But since a while i bought a 2.4Ghz Gateway Wifi controller from MiBoxer.
I search the forums and it seems that Mi Light wants to change their brand to MiBoxer and there for uses a whole different app. Don’t me wrong everything is working perfectly with the gateway but unfortunally i can’t connect it to Homey because they dont have a app for it. ’

As you may imagine quite new into this so i am wondering who can help me with this ?

Thanks in advanced all!!

I have the same issue. However it looked like the mi light app from Athom supports the wifi ibox 1, this is apparently not the same as the wl-box1 which is now branded miboxer…
Looking for a good support to connect a rgb+cct led panel to homey. It has it’s own driver, connected via 2.4GHz (bluetooth?) to a remote or the wl-box1. The wl-box1 can be controlled via an app and is also supported in google home. There it is used by connection via the account you have to setup to use the app… not really a favourite way to connect domotica on a save (controlled) way.

Any updates on compatibility?
I have the WL-Box1 too and it seems like it is not working yet.

Hi Hugo an Robert,

Well I search all around the internet but if nobody can create a seperate app for the Boxter it will not work with homey. Just like Robert mentioned yeah there is a work around to getting it work along with google assistent and it works perfectly however its not what i am searching for as i would like to combine it with flows.

So i checked the supported items by the Milight app at Homey and as Robert informed technicly it shoudt work as it also is beeing mentioned as a supported model. I bought one trough Aliexpress they are not that expensive for 12 € i had one and it should arrive tomorrow so once i have got it i am gonna check if it works and will let you know.


Thank you, but I already brought my lights and box back to the store.
I tried everything but this is another app that does not werk as it should.
Athom has a history of making apps but not fixing them when they break.

I’m already looking for another option for my light problem.

Hi Hugo,

Hmm ok so you tested also the Wifi Ibox 1 from milight ?
The only thing that i can imagine is that maybe hue wont give such problems however the price aint the same :S

any joy yet?

I bought myself a wifi ibox.
That one is working!
(After 25 tries to connect.) :wink:
Also direct in Homey.
Now i am going to see if i can use it with outside lights.
I will keep you posted.

i am using 2 wifi ibox and working perfectly

With that Wifi ibox everything runs smoothly!

so is it connecting to Homey directly, or are you google cloud syncing it or something like that?
what is the model number of the ibox you have?
I have a ibox2 which works and a ibox1 (light / hub all in one) which is my backup as i have a number of main lights controlled by this
I got a spare one WL-Box1 and these are useless and all you can buy now…

You need a wifi ibox that is not a WL-Box!
It’s an older version with a buildin light.

Hi Glen

As Hugo said you really need the older version.
I recently bought 2 on the following website

Why isn’t this updated in the app?

The new one is much better when you also control your lights with a mi-light remote, the new box updates the state, so homey knows the state of the bulbs. I would love to have this feature.

Maybe you can ask Athom?
(Like many did before you. :smiley:)

Yeah that’s the thing nobody is willing to update or even create a new app for the milight/miboxer.

But to be honest it’s not that as strange as you see everyday more competitors that offer the same and there are apps for those, A good example is Gledopto.

But if you really want to use the milight buying the old ibox should be the best option

if you can show me where to buy an old one I will.
Thats the problem I have now is evey thing is the new version, I found an old one on a local trade site… so i have a backup hub should mine ever fail… but i have many lights using this and dont want to just waste them or be forced to use their app

Some stores on Ali Express still have them, but be sure to ask them because often they say yes but don’t know what you really mean.

I have search like hell on Ali and even bought one because he garanteed he had the old version. Unfortunately I received the new one instead the old one. The only one who has for sure is this address

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