Milight / Miboxer (no zone control)

Hi there,

I got a Milight/Miboxer 2,4 Ghz but the Homey App for Milight is outdated. It doesn’t work anymore. Looking for people who have this working?

At this point i don’t know how to control Zones. Milight had 4 zones on the remote (and App) but it looks like we now need a gateway for every room? Looking for a way to control the Zones with Alexa instead of buying a Gateway for every room.

Anyone got this working?

Also inform the app creator please, which happens to be Athom:

(Btw, writing a one star review does not help I’m afraid)

if you managed to fine an older unit then you could be in luck… but from memory the new ones they re did the code, and stopped http /api calls to them, so you have to use their app (which is terrible)

I use those USB sticks, they represent 1 zone