Zigbee 3.0 RGBW LED strip

So I’ve bought a lef strip, to see if I’m able to connect it to homey. I could connect it, but only as an unknown device. So the only options are on and off, and that’s no fun (heh).

Saw that there was some kind of zigbee update in v5 of homey, but no change there ether.

Anyway, i bought this at Lidl and it’s an Livarno Lux smart led light strip, IAN 334431_1910, model no: hg0614a

I could take a picture of the box tomorrow if that would help further.

Thank you, will try the Tuya when I get home.

For the Lidl-products you could check: [APP] Tuya Zigbee App

The developer is busy making it all work. Some products do, some with issues, some not.

By the way: only in the 5.0 experimental firmware.

Worked like a charm! Guess i won’t have to return it now :grin:

I have got some of this LivarnoLux smart led light strip, but didn’t buy the Aldi hub. I’ve got a Samsung SmartThings hub and was hoping I could use that. All I can do is dim / brighten it or change the temperature of the white. I am struggling on this one.

Do you have a Homey?

No. Is it something I need?

Hm, this is the Community for the SmartHome Gateway Homey from Athom.
Of course, you can check it out and eventually switch from Samsung SmartThings to Homey. :wink: