RGBWW ledstrips with Homey?

Hi, I have looked around, but too many topics got me confused. I was planning to DIY a Gledopto Zigbee setup with a RGBWW ledstrip. Is this compatible with Homey and if not, which RGBWW controller would be best to select?

I don’t know about rgbwW strips but i use these rgbW controllers with the Magic Home Pro app made by Jelger Haanstra

Ok thx, I am specifically looking for RGBWW as all the the whites will be handled separately instead if needing the RGB leds also…

Yesterday I installed Shelly RGBW controller and it works perfect. It has also option to control it directly with 220V so you can cobtrol dimming directly from switch. Its a wifi device with pissibility of direct cobtrol without hub as well (own web server in device) and its pretty cheap (20€).

Maybe this topic can help you:

Thanks, I am familiar with the Gledopto controllers, but was confused whether all of those are actually supported through Homey… I did not read anyone using the RGBWW strips with a Gledopto controller.

I’ve wondered basically the same a week ago or so. Judging by your name you seem to be Dutch, so please see this link to my topic, maybe it’ll help you a bit:

Hi, any possibility to support USB Zigbee LED RGB+CCT strip? Model is GL-MC-001S