Gledopto GL-C-007P LED vezérlő Zigbee Pro RGBW

Hi All, I’m a rookie in this world.
I’m about to purchase a Homey Bridge, a Gledopto GL-C-007P Zigbee Pro RGBW and many other smart devices and sensors.
I want to link the gledopto rgb controller with my Homey Bridge. Currently I’m in the planing phase - and wondering if GL-C-007P Zigbee Pro can be synched with the bridge? I have googled it up and saw some comments but no clear answer. On top of that now the App’s page (link beow) says that it is only availbe on Homey Pro… which is currently now even out on the retail market.
Could you please advise? Would I be able to connect this rgb strip controller to my bridge?
apprcaite it much,
Thanks, Tamas

Gledopto and Tint lights and LED Controllers (ZigBee) App for Homey | Homey