RGBWW driver compatible with Homey?

Hi, we’re renovating our bathroom and want to add some led strips to it.
There are some requirements to it:
We already have the aluminum profiles installed, there is 12mm space in them for the led strip.

The strips got to have an IP65 rating, RGBWW, dimmable and it must be possible to shorten them in length (need 2 with a length of 2.8 meter and 2 of 3.0 meter) and most of all they have to be controllable by Homey.
I did some research and found this on Ali:

Do you think this LED driver included with the kit will fit my needs?

Really no one?

This driver from GLEDOPTO is working with Homey:
€ 20,56 51%OFF | GLEDOPTO DC12-24V RGB+CCT/rgbw Zigbee smart LED strip Controller Voice control work with Echo plus smartThings ZIGBEE 3.0 HUB

Seems promising!
Thanks, I’ll dive into it

Ik heb zojuist deze binnen gekregen en werkt perfect met Homey en de Magic Home app.

Great Arnold, thanks for your reply.
I’ll pm you

Fyi: this controller doesn’t work with a SK6812 RGBW strip.

Bedankt voor de info.
Ik heb gewoon een 5 polige 5050 RGBW strip en die werkt wel.