CCT (WW+CW) LED strip in Homey

Hey all,

My new kitchen comes with a couple of cold white + warm white led strips, so called CW/WW or CCT. I’m aiming to have these strips installed in my lighting flows. Unfortunately, the current drive from Sunricher is not supported in Homey.

Here is the setup that I would like:

  • 1 zone for multiple led strips (3 in total)
  • simple remote control (optional)
  • fysic wall button, I prefer a simple Gira pulse-button like I use for my Fibaro Dimmer 2’s
  • zigbee or Z-Wave connection to Homey

Could you help me with a possible solution? Thank you in advance!

On AliExpress I found this setup, do you this this would do the job?
€ 6,02 30% Off | Ww Cw Led Controller 12V 24V 36V 2CH 16A 2.4G Draadloze Afstandsbediening Rf Led Dimmer schakelaar Voor Cct Daul Wit Led Strip Licht

Hoping to hear from you, thanks!

Did you tried/see the EasyLighting App?

Did anyone fixed this already? I don’t find the solution… :sweat:

I just bought some Gledopto GL-C-006P controllers. Apart from the fact that I can’t manage to light up the LED strips, this controller isn’t currently supported by Homey?

Have you tried to pair it?

Not sure what the difference between 006 and 006P is but pls pair it with Homey
If it pairs a generic pls contact the app developer and provide him with the necessary information like an device interview.

In the test version of the app, GL-C-006P is supported.
But I don’t know if it works, because I don’t own it myself.

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I use the very same led controller by default zigbee device. Works flawless for a month.

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