LED Controller linked with Homey and remote

Hi there,

I searched the forums but couldn’t find an answer.

I’m looking for a RGB-CCT LED controller which can be connected to Homey, but I also want to control it with a remote so that I can change the colors using the remote.

Is something like this possible?


Can I use it with Homey and still use the remote?

When you are not afraid to shop on Ali: search for ‘rgbw led 5050’ or ‘rgbww led 5050’ if you want to be able to use warm white light .
And when you can use them with their ‘Magic Home’ app, you can also use it with the magic home led controller from Jelger Haanstra.
I use it and it works like a charm.
And when I change something with the remote Homey knows too.

Would be a great solution, however the led strip is already installed in my bathroom and I can’t replace it with another led strip.

So just order a controller :wink:

Ah yes now I understand.
Is there also some kind of zigbee Co trolled with this functionality?

Just make sure that the controller you order is suitable for your ledstrip…