Ledstrips in combi with Homey and smart bed

Hi all,

I’m new here and have a question about Homey and the combination of Led strips. I don’t have a Homey yet, but next week we will get a new bed (auping) which can be connected with Homey. I will make my own bed frame and would like to use ledstrips. Ideally I want to connect the ledstrips to my bed and likely Homey is a inbetween solution for this (at least for the bed).

I’m wondering which ledstrip types are compatible with Homey. I was looking at an RGBW led strip with WiFi controller from Ledstripkoning.nl (I am Dutch btw). But the company told me their led strips from Milight could not be connected.

I know Philips Hue would work, but in my opinion this is too expensive. Are there any other technologies available? On some forums I read that I need other bridge equipment as well to make it work. If it is too expensive, the functionality would not outweigh the costs. I’m not a fan of ordering via AliExpress, so if there are other solutions, I would be happy to hear.

P.s. I’m a bit of a noob regarding these kind of devices, never experimented with them, so have to learn a bit still.

Many thanks for your reply (answers in Dutch are welcome too)

There are several possible LED strips or LED controller which are supported by Homey Pro (not Homey-Bridge!). Just search a little bit in the Homey App Store.
These are some examples:

Thank you for your answer. Can such a LED controller from Magic Home for example be placed between Homey Pro and any sort of RGBW Led strip? Or is dit depending on the manufacturer.

All in all it will get a bit expensive, but if this is an option, I can start with the strips and make them ‘smart and connectable’ later.

I don’t own a Magic Home controller, for more information please visit the relevant forum thread.