Cct (ww/cw) ledstrip compatible with homey


I’m looking for a ledstrip controller for a CCT ledstrip that is compatible with Homey.
Seems like there are not much options here. I don’t have a Hue controller btw.
A zigbee controller that is compatible with Homey without app would be perfect. But there is no list of compatible devices I guess…
If CCT is not possible, dimmable controller is good too.


I have this for my cct RGB led strip:

This is working good with 2id version
you have than color and withe.

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do you need to install the gledopto app ?

I don’t know how well that app works. I tried it directly on Homey zigbee and it worked. Now I have it via my Hue bridge. That via the Hue bridge app in Homey. And that works great. 2 signals color and white tones.

You have to pay attention when ordering that you have ordered 2 identity version.
Here in the Netherlands I only found 1 identity.
Or the shop doesn’t even know which one.
And then the white tones are of no use in the color wheel.