RGB +CCT Lightstrip Zigbee

Wil Homey be able to work with this:

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I believe some people on the Athom Slack community got this working (@nattelip @MarcoRuiter) as a Philips Hue device.

There is an app for it too

I got the RBGW version recognised and changing of colour working by setting ID to 256 and sideloading the git.
What won’t work is dimming and power toggling.
Has anyone got this version working?

I did try to add the rgb controller but it is seen as a unknown zigbee device
Is there a way to get it to work?
2018-11-11 .

Got it working by adding the GLEDOPTO to my Hue bridge and then adding it to Homey.

I do not have a Hue bridge

Hi Gijsje,

Look at:
(old forum) post 1

Other post

And yet another

(I assume you installed the app from the Homey Apps (gledopto)

Yes the app is installed
Most of the links you post i can not read.
But in the first link it says it should work with the app but it does not for me

I have the same problem as @Gijsje and now I am not able to remove the unknown zigbee device from Homey. Please help me out.

edit Now added via Hue bridge and it works fine.