Gledopto gl-s-003z gu10 light bulbs

Hi All

Ive recently got 5x gl-s-003z Gledopto Gu10 bulbs.
These are equipped with 10 leds inside, 2 for color and 8 for white.

Upon first power, all 10 are active, provides decent light, applicable for any room.

If you pair these using any app, either hue or gledopto they activate two leds, turning green. At all times they are identified as gl-s-007z. After pairing its no longer possible to ‘activate’ these remaining 8 leds, and these Gu10’s are no longer usable as they generate minimal light. If you put them in regular warm white color, only two leds ( always the same for color and white) activate. Ive been searching on the web but couldnt find any answer. Could anyone help me?

While pairing:

While on default

By chance anyone who could help?

Try to make a scène for those bulbs (if it’s on a hue bridge)

its not on a hue bridge but i found its the zigbee protocol that is a problem. Zigbee rewrite is the only solution. i can control the light color but not the warm white.

it won’t activate at all.

Hi, what zigbee hub do you use for these GU10?

Hi Jennifer,

I’m not using a Zigbee hub for these lights. they are directly connected to Homey.
Need to reset the light (on/off 5 times, not too fast) and then add them through the Gledopto app.
The lights work, but i’m not happy with the lightoutput. Since only the colors are accessible, i’d say you have 40% of the actual lumen. There are several individual LEDS in these Gledopto’s.

As far as i am aware, i have not found a solution. Waiting for the zigbee core rewrite which should resolve the problem.

okay, cause we don’t have a homey…why don’t you buy a philips hue? We bought it on Ebay, and works well.

I didnt have the philips hue before. However, i do now. I will try to add them later on.
i suppose the Warm white will also work properly?

Await your update.

This works without problem and the full color spectrum works.

no more half-light.

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