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Central Topic for Eglo App for Zigbee devices.
Also knows as AwoX Zigbee

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For Official support use the Email link in the App support (currently mailto:homey-eglo@drenso.nl )

Discover the smart world with EGLO and Homey!

Connect the wide range of EGLO Zigbee lighting devices and accessories (connect.z, crosslink.z and Smart Choice) with Homey to unlock the full potential of your products.

Adjust the RGB color, brightness, set your preferred white temperature and start creating your best automations. Control your environment with your app, your remote or your favorite voice assistant at the same time!

At this moment the App supports these type of devices


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I Asked the Developer:

Great to have an official App, is it possible to have Homey set a Flame mode on the Light Device?


Developer: Thank you for your review! Unfortunately we do not support Flame mode control over ZigBee, you will have to use the HomeControl app to enable that.