Control Eglo Connect / Awox devices with homey

Hello !
I’m interested into controlling my awox lights with Homey.
Before posting here I’ve been looking for an app, and found none.
There were an old post in November 2018 to request an app and it was closed without indications if it’s available or not.
I also found this repo on GitHub :
But I have no clue on how to add it.

Does anyone have idea or have solutions to get my lamp working with Homey ?

Thanks !

Hello there.
You can install the github app via Command Line Install [HOW TO] CLI install method
But considering it’s age, it might not install if your Homey is on firmware v5.x.x or higher.
Just try and see!

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I got myself an Eglo Connect Z bulb and expected I can pair it w/ Homey since it supports Zigbee 3.0.
But I’m not able to pair it for some reason. Did you @frydrahead manage to add it to Homey?

Where did you find it uses zigbee? The product page keeps the used protocol a secret :no_mouth:
The Homey app mentioned earlier here uses Bluetooth low energy

I can only find it on the Austrian-German page and also here on Amazon

Thanks. It uses both Ble and zigbee according to the A/G site.
It should be possible to add it as Homey Generic Zigbee device.
It also might work with the Tuya Zigbee app, else you can request support for it.

  • How did you pair the light? Close to Homey?
  • Did you reset the light first?
  • About your zigbee mesh: How many mains powered devices and how many battery operated devices?
  • Did you ever reset zigbee after installing firmware v5.x.x?

It doesn’t look like it’s a Tuya-based device though.

I did reset and I was pretty close, like 2m to Homey, I got more router Zigbees then leaves, if you know what I mean :wink:
i’m not sure I ever reset though –

I sent a message to them, they’re a real Austrian company, so I expect an answer otherwise I call them. Will report back here

Update: it would be nice if they work because they’re rather cheapish

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5cm is close, 2m is not :grimacing:
After zigbee ever has been reset (after fw v5.x.x that is) it’s best practice to pair it near the router device closest to the lamp’s location.

How many devices do you have in total?
(Athom’s advice = max. 35 to 40
Some owners reported ~50 as the workable limit)

If it runs fine, don"t touch it I would say.

To find out if zigbee has been reset:
Goto Homey Developer Tools and look for “Network Key”
If that is not equal to “01:03:05:07:09:0b:0d:0f:00:02:04:06:08:0a:0c:0d” it has been reset most probably.


Hey, I got currently 33 items, my key is different. I will try again much closer to Homey :slight_smile:
Update: tryin it closer did not help

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Ah, okay. That most probably can’t be an issue.
This is what you can try now

support called me and said it should work with any open Zigbee 3.0 bridge. I’ll reset again and if it doesn’t work send it back to Amazon

after a few more attempts I was able to pair it, as a regular Zigbee device

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I got myself a 2nd lamp. Pairing is cumbersome but it works as long as you reset first – use the video for that – then try it several times afterwards, switching the light off and on again helped, finally. Cumbersome as said but it works.

I’m curious what the results are for ‘ids’

"ids": { "modelId": "TS0202", "manufacturerName": "_TZ3000_otvn3lne" },

when you interview the lamp:




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Thanks! So it’s definitely not Tuya based :grimacing:

I have looked at it but decided first to implement the Zigbee Light bulbs.
First version here:


interesting … what’s the benefit over adding it as a Zigbee light?

At this moment not much yet,
first created the basic app as Eglo didn’t want to create an app.

Working on a newer driver to let the Bulb give feedback to Homey if you change Dim using the AwoX App but this still has a bug changing the Color or Temperature from the AwoX App.

If that works I will look at the two other options from the AwoX lights. (Candle effect and Color Cycle)
Also want to see if I can add an working BLE Driver if you prefer that type of connection.

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