Control Eglo Connect / Awox devices with homey

This looks great. I think about buying one of the these lamps:

Us it already supported by your app?

Probably not, I don’t see Zigbee mentioned and the deciced -c look like an old connect with Bluetooth serie.

Oh sorry I posted the wrong link… I mean this one. It has ZigBee 3.0

Looks like all for Eglo is going to Zigbee, see

ans as far as I have seen all use same Product ID, you could even use them without App.
but I could net connect the Motion sensor and Remotes branded with a Zigbee logo.

According to my contacts Eglo / AwoX is building an app or asking a agency to do for them.
You will have to try.

If it works pls met me know the Zigbee Interview.