Homey with hue bridge and Gledopto gu10 bulb


Just started a freh install with Gledopto rgb cct 5w gu10 bulbs (GL-S-006P) connected to Hue bridge.

Connecting bulbs to Hue Bridge works great. Lamp functions well.

Next step, adding them to clean and freshly updated Homey Pro. Homey finds Hue Bridge and lights, no problem there.

But I cant turn lights off, when I press a lamp device, it turns off and straight back on again.

Or when I try turning them off in hue bridge, I can turn them on in Homey but when I turn them off they come on again straight away.

I tried adding lights straight to homey without bridge, although its finds it as unrecognised zigebee device but works.

Would realy like to use them via Hue Bridge tho, considering the scenes and easy use for the misses.

Any advice?


Hmmm, I didn’t add the bridges to Homey only the bulbs and they work great. I leave my automations in the Hue app.

Hi, I experience exactly the same problem. I just ordered 30 Gledopto controllers for my new home and was testing the automation in Homey. When turning of the light in Homey (with or without automation), the light turns back on again after blining once.

It would be nice if this issue could be looked at.

Thanks, Joop

To really let someone look at it, then you should contact the app developer, Athom in this case

(Many apps have provided for support links at the bottom of the app store app pages)