Which brands of led strips does homey support?

I want to buy some LED strips (15 meters) and I was wondering which brands homey supports in that category, I already looked here but it only has very expensive short cables. Are there any other ones?

Bridge or Homey Pro?

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I guess white only ? On Homey Pro, I’m using Fibaro Dimmer 2 with Leading edge / trailing edge LED driver 240V to 12V and then you can choose any strip compatible with the driver itself. For RGB, I guess you can be using Fibaro RGBW controller with some 12/24V driver etc.
Another option could be Twinkly Dots Dots (Multicolor edition), in case you don’t prefer DYI.

SwitchBot sell an LED strip that’s compatible with Homey via a SwitchBot hub.

homey pro

Aliexpress BLE lightstrips are supported:

Use a LED controller like Shelly or Fibaro RGBW2?