Gledopto GL-C-008 / Zigbee gateway required?

:wave:t3: Hello everyone, I’m posting here, not having found the answer to my question…

I bought a ZigBee LED strip controller from Gledopto (model GL-C-008).

There is indeed the Gledopto app in Homey but when I want to add it, it asks me to already go through a ZigBee gateway …
So have I to buy one? Yet Homey is already a ZigBee gateway, right?
I might be missing something …

So there are ZigBee devices that require a gateway, and others that connects directly ?

Thanks in advance for your answers :bulb:!

So if I have to buy a ZigBee gateway, which one do you recommend? Unless there are other controllers that connects directly…

Homey is the gateway. I got mine connected through homey using the app. Just follow the instructions, and where it days gateway, you can just read that as Homey.


You can also add it to your Philips Hue bridge if you have one and then import it via the philips hue app on Homey.

Thanks for yours answers but I’m stuck at the step on the screenshot…
And I don’t have an Hue bridge…

Which homey are you using?

Homey Pro, early 2019

Just as said,
I added the direct to Homey using the App Gledopto and Tint lights and LED Controllers (ZigBee) App for Homey | Homey
Just your Homey and the Gledopto GL-C-008


The reset is just like the reset of other brands like the IKEA (see Video ) but then 5 x Off - On (IKEA is 6x)
Don’t Switch the transformer as the Capacitors keep the Power to long and/or start to slow.
Put a Switch between the transformer and the controller. (or toggle the 12 Volt connector or wire.)

If I Remember correct after the Reset I started pairing in Homey and power-cycled the GL-C-008 once again.

Edit: Correct @janklamer below. I looked up my Gledopto in the WebPlayground but to check device vs driver etc. but it is of no nues for a normal user. hidden by now!

Works perfect

now I am puzzled, what does the piece of code mean?

there is coding “behind the scenes” but the normal user does not have to dig in that far :crazy_face:

I have a bunch of the gledopto controllers directly hooked up to homey.
i like the fact that with the “pro” controllers, you can both use the remote controller (hand versions and wall versions) plus you can let homey control them.

I do not see where you (topicstarter) get asked for a gateway?

the steps:
in devices, click the “+”
choose “gledopto and tint” or search for that application
then you get all the gledopto products
choose the GL-C-00xxxxxx
click on the green “install”
you get a screen with instructions. when you now switch on the controller, it should pop up.

most of the time, out of the box reset is not needed.
mind you: the first time you couple a controller, it needs to be within a few meters from homey.

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@limplug I have quite some experience with this. I can understand the confusion if you’re not familiar with some processes yet. Everything is said in above posts, but I’ll try to simplify it step by step how I add these.

  • in your homey app, go to add device

  • select gledopto app

  • select the correct type (keep in mind that the 2ID version of any of the mentioned devices is not supported! Ping me if this is not clear to you)

  • you will see the description page you mention you are stuck in

  • plug in/turn on your led controller (preferably with led strip attached for visual confirmation)

  • tricky part that is probably failing for you: if the controller won’t be added automatically in this screen after a couple of seconds (let’s say 5 seconds), you will have to reset it (as it’s already connected to another device). Resetting is done by turning the controller off and on 5 times. As mentioned in above post, it’s best to do this by using the power cable from the controller and not by cycling the power of the transformer as that will have capacitors making the process impossible. When this is done correctly and you have a led strip attached, you will see that the led strip will fade and start blinking. The device should be added by homey in a moment now (this can take a couple of seconds again)

  • enjoy your led strip

Couple of notes:

  • adding a device can take quite some time. Do not cut off the power during that time and just wait (this is a general remark, not specific for this brand)
  • for me, the color markings on the controller for the led strip were not correct (rgbw). I always had to switch 2 specific colors when connecting the controller to the strip, but I can’t remember which one (test this when the device is added to homey before installing it and correct if necessary). This is not specific for homey as I also had it with my tradfri hub.
  • @janklamer I add my zigbee devices to homey where I need them, not near homey. I never encountered issues doing so (which seems logical since zigbee works as a mesh network). I do always restart homey after adding router devices to make sure the network is correctly set up. Not sure if this is actually needed though.
    @janklamer the reason there is a mention of the hub in the pairing screen, is because at the time the app was created, this was the generic text from gledopto itself on their product pages on how to include the devices

Hey !
I finally took the time to take care of it, and… it works!

Many thanks for all of you.

I used an independent power supply.

You were right, it wasn’t working because of the capacitors.

Thanks again !