Issues adding Gledopto 5 in 1 zigbee controller in Homey Pro

Hi there, I have a Gledopto 5-1 ledstrip controller And want to control a RGBCCT led strip via Homey. I found the Gledopto device in Homey but get various errors when trying to add. It sometimes adds the device but then on/off/dim, etc do not work. It should work but very unclear what I am doing wrong. I managed to connect a zigbee remote and that works but I really want to use my mobile/Homey to control and create flows…

Can anybody help me?

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  1. What Homey do you have, or is your Question about?
  2. For Homey Pro only - firmware (fw) version.
  3. Problems with an app: what App, What Version.
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  6. What have you already tried yourself?
  7. And last but not least, Have you searched? For What?


I have the same issue with 5 in 1 led driver from Gledopto. Have you find out anything? Have you solved to connect the driver properly to Homey?