First Zigbee device randomly working

Homey Pro 2023 with Gledopto G95 7W Led filament bulb

I have a device that should work with Homey, a Gledopto lamp, but most of the times I get a Device unreachable or a Node not found.
This is both in advanced flows and the test for the lamp. The one other Zigbee device I have is a switch, so it can’t be too much traffic.
The Homey and lamp are 4 meters apart.
Any suggestions before I return the lamp? (I have 6 of them)

Wait for Athom to fix Zigbee on the HP2023?

The just-released v10.0.4-rc.9 (beta) firmware has a lot of Zigbee fixes, according to its changelog.

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I really thought you were kidding me, but are serious?

The Homey Pro 2023 has been for sale for some time and even the main stuff not working?
I dropped Tuya because that’s all web based (unstable with an extra service in between) or not working, Nedis is not working (even while it’s Tuya it cannot be found), only thing I have working is Fritz (oh wauw, that’s doing it’s own connection) and one Ecodim switch.
Petlux not found, even though it’s in the Smart Life app.
Now I have to drop Zigbee too… What’s left?

Seems this Homey device can connect to Wifi and Ethernet only

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You don’t, first test latest firmware

I did, fresh device, out of the box, first thing after registration was updating.

I will return the device and lamps and continue as before until a working device will be made.

This was too good to be true. If so, then most of the time it is.

Did you enable experimental updates ?

But frankly, if you expect perfect Smart home system, there isn’t any.

Yes, I tried experimental, so have the alfa/beta software now.
However, still nothing, major disappointment and of cause a perfect smart home system does not exist (why should the producers do that? They want to sell!) but it should at least work more than this (this means almost nothing to pair)

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Before you will leave us (unless you change your opinion), can you please do a favor, create system diag. and contact Athom support ?
This is not normal but I feel I have seen already something similar - not sure what that user case was but after all the unit could be faulty.

I also have Zigbee issues, but I have 70 devices and nothing like those you describe ;-(

I have no idea how to contact them. I can make a diag but no idea what to do.

Resetted the zigbee network, but that doesn’t help. Even worse, one lamp that I had connected (yeah) leaves the zigbee network every time. Trying to connect a second one doesn’t work.
And now both lamps cannot connect, I guess because they ’ know’ they were already connected. Weird, did reset them, but to no vail…

After reset all your Zigbee devices should be gone, or?

Yes, all gone, all over devices that do connect, so no problem

Seriously, how do they have to make it better findable than this

Nedis what? Zigbee or wifi. When wifi, use either the Tuya Smart app or Smartlife app on your phone.
Tuya cloud app can control almost any Tuya wifi device, if not direct, then by tap-to-run or Raw commands.
It’s all in the first post of TC app topic:

Thanks for trying that. I’ve started thread about Zigbee issues - similar to others and reported it months ago (then under early access) to support. Last update from Support was along the lines “No, it’s not just you, not just your hardware - this is a known issue and we’re working on it but can’t say when we expect to fix it but we will - we don’t have a magic wand”.

I was surprised that basic functionality was so unstable for so many under late early access (while fixing minor edge-cases according to the change-logs), but when they went out of early access and into full sale without solving them I was even more surprised. Not sure what the refund situation is now since I’ve had it for months (expecting them to solve it during early access).

If there are any consolation, my wall dimmers all (acting as Zigbee routers) all work just fine, but all three Aqara end-devices drop out after an our or so making them useless. The irony is that those exact sensors are part of the 3minute video where Athom pitches how awesome Homey Pro 2023 is.

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You keep being funny:
I am using the laptop and there is NOT ’ Support’ anywhere.
I figured you have the android/ios app, so I went for that, now klicking on the Support brings me to some kind of forum with NOTHING to notify Athom. This is a dead end. It’s just a useless data bank, for there are many problems and no solutions.
So, how should I give them the system diagnose?
And I have contact with Gledopto and they’re having problems with their lamps too. So ‘Works on homey’ is not true.

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Arco sorry, but I posted the link above already.

And on the website.
What does support when you press on it.

Ah, to late.

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