Will a new HP 2023 fix my issues?


I have a fairly new house and mainly run multi-sensors, dimples and heat through Homey. In total, I have added just over 100 units in various categories. Lots of Zigbee and lots of Zwave.

Things work like 80-90%, but every now and then I notice that certain things don’t respond. There may be some lights that do not turn on or off in flows, or that zwave is sluggish, which means that the underfloor heating sometimes lags.

Note that I have fixed power on 99% of all devices - both zwave and zigbee.

I am aware that Homey2019, which I run, has a somewhat limited range, and has restrictions on the number of devices for things to work.

I haven’t researched this very much since things mostly work ok, but it is a bit annoying to notice that lights have been on all night or that other devices are not working as they should. My hypothesis is that there is a bit of a poor range or a bit too many units for this to work smoothly.

Do people have experience with the new HP2023 and does anyone know if this type of problem is eliminated with a new Homey? In that case, it’s tempting to buy my way out of the problems.


Just some thoughts. Not all problems are due to the Homey. I have have many problems with specific manufacture-units. Replacing with other manufacturers solved the problems. So, if your problems are related to not correctly constructed/implemented devices moving to a new Homey will not help.

Some years ago I had huge problems with e.g. Fibaro, sensors stopping to report, panel mostly not working. So, I replaced them with other units which worked.
Some months ago I tested them again, out of curiosity and due to the fact that the Fibaro app has had a lot of bugfixes. An today they work as a charm.

So, not all problems are to blame on Homey. :slight_smile: