I was able to connect Inovelli Blue Series 2-1 Switch to Homey Pro 2023

I really like my new Homey Pro 2023 and want to be helpful in supporting the community. After reading that some people were frustrated that their Inovelli switches were not supported, I decided to try. I bought an Inovelli Blue Series 2-1 switch (Zigbee) and was easily able to connect to my Homey Pro 2023 as a generic Zigbee switch. It works great. I would love to have a native integration or a community one, because the LED on the switch is not supported through Homey Pro (yet). But again, for documentation purposes, Inovelli Blue Series 2-1 Light Switches do work as a generic Zigbee switch in Homey Pro 2023. BTW, these switches can be both dimmers or On-Off switches, and I have only tested as On-Off. Hope this helps.

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I have two Black series dimmers added as generic and they work fine for on/off/dim. No advanced functions but whatever, I can deal with it. I added the LZ45 RGBW LED Strip and it works with on/off/dim but you cannot change the color so I removed it and added it back to my SmartThings hub. I wish Inovelli would release an app for Homey or at least Athom develop an app like they do for a lot of other manufacturers.

Hey guys,

We’ve been working with Athom behind the scenes (shoutout to Abe) on an unrelated project, but they were gracious enough to send us a couple Homey Pros (this thing is awesome, holy cow) so we’ll be working on an app shortly. I think the other Eric wrote the code for our Gen 2 Z-Wave switches, but he mentioned Zigbee may be a slightly longer learning curve.

I’ll keep you guys posted!


oh sweet lawrd, thank you Eric. I’ve been waiting for this :slight_smile:


Thank you so much!

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Thank you @Eric_Inovelli. I love Inovelli products and can’t wait until they are supported with Homey.

This is amazing! I had to replace my Inovelli Zwave switches because I could not adjust the dimming range. I would love to reinstall them. If you need a beta tester I am in!

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Just wanted to bump this - huge interest!


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I’m down to beta test this as well! I have the Blue Series 2-in-1 dimmer.
Love Homey and would love to be able to use the Inovelli advanced features.

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@Eric_Inovelli , I moved into a new home and have 90% Blue 2-1 and 10% Red 2-1. Waiting for the Blue mMwave to be released and I’ll do some swapping. Anyway, I’ll help test if desired. I use the LED and Config buttons with plenty of automations with Hubitat. I’d love to see what Homey Pro can do with the best switches on the market.

I’ve been following your European thread to introduce your switches to their market in hopes to see a Homey Pro driver pop up.

Hi @Eric_Inovelli, I am about to purchase 60+ blue series zigbee dimmers for my new home and would love to be able to leverage the full breath of your product’s features on the Homey Pro hub with a native driver. I hope this happens soon. thoughts? Thanks,