[FEEDBACK] Inovelli Project Europa

Hi everyone,

Maybe that some of you already spotted @Eric_Inovelli on the forum. So let’s break the news: I’m happy to announce that Inovelli has recently joined the “Talks With Homey” program and is currently busy developing a Homey App for their amazing line-up of smart switches. Make sure to check them out! :tada:

Besides that Inovelli is also looking for our help! They recently kicked off with “Project Europa”; The purpose of this project is to bring the Inovelli community built magic across the world and into the European Union (and potentially the Australian market).

For at least 6+ years many passionate smart home owners from our side of the pond have reached out to Inovelli and requested that they create a 240V version of their products. And what better community to ask for feedback and input than the Homey community?

So leave your thoughts and idea’s (e.g. What functionality are you expecting? What flow cards do you want to see?) in this thread and let’s get this party started!

:bulb: For a more detailed description of the project you can visit Inovelli’s forum.

:bulb: Also good to note, Homey users will be one of the first to enjoy these new switches when they launch!



Nice switches, but as you say yourself now for the european market. of course with the european looks of our switch material. I think the option 2 with bezel is the best looking.

Certainly the MmWave switch might do well should it be released in Europe and be compatible with homey.

like flows carts or functionality: the standart flow carts, 1 to 5 times push or hold and released will do the job and lux/mmwave flow carts ofcourse.

on the forum the creator talks about mmwave being an option if there is a market for it. i think this is in high demand in the homey world. since this really stands out as a new addition of a switch.

Thanks @Doekse !

Yeah, I’d love to hear what you guys like in terms of design. That mockup above was one of the first ones we came up with, but have since adapted it based on feedback. Here’s what we’re looking at now:

I’m definitely curious on the market for this. We did an Indiegogo which blew away expectations. My only hesitation on launching this first in the European market is that it’s an expensive switch and I worry that it would be too expensive for everyone. However, if we could launch both at the same time (an mmWave and a non-mmWave), that would be ideal.

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Hi, I’m an Italian fan of your new smart 2 in 1 switches! I’d love to see them with the exact same design to be available also here (220V) and it would be better if they could be alignable side by side in the same “box” (this is the reason to make a dedicated frame also for 3 switches aligned). I love both the idea of the led light and the dimmable feature. Dimmable lights are very used in Italy, a bit less the led (but there is the option to disable them no? I would personally love the led because i think it is very futuristic but also because the switches that control garden lights in Italy tend to have a led indicating when they are on or off - otherwise it would be impossible to know it from inside the house if the windows are closed!).
I’ll send you a picture with a meter (in centimeters) so that you can see how -literally- every switch and switch frame is made in Italy…I’ll take a photo of the one that has also the switches of the garden lights (they have the same measures however) so you have an idea. In Italy whe only use white or black color for switches (never seen any other color…never in my life and in any kind of building), but would tou consider to make the white and the black versions also in matte white and matte black? (In my other house I have matte black, but in general in Italy you have two options: white or matte black…and also the touch feeling: none here lives slippery shining switches).
For the transimission technology: please use matter over thread (maybe with a over wifi backup if thread momentarily goes out of range) because other technologies (like zigbee…)are simply the past! Thread has also a huge benefit: if internet goes down it would still works!
No additional registration online for the product but give us the possibility to do it directly in the home app we already have (I use homekit personally).
Can I give you one last suggestion? Here in Italy we tend to have a lot of switches, even for the same light (my home has 3 for just for the same one light!)…so would you consider to make discounts on your switches that increase with how many switches we buy?