MiLight/MiBoxer Zigbee 3.0 Lights vs Homey Pro 2023

I am new to smart home automation and attracted to the new Homey Pro 2023 version. With zigbee 3 support it seems a flexible and future proof gateway to various smart products in planned to introduce.

However pre-ordering the device is a little steep without understanding if my intended smart products are supported. I intend to install quite a bunch of MiLight/MiBoxer downlights with Zigbee 3.0 support. I read the new Homey Pro will support that protocol too which seems to indicate it works together. So it seems I don’t need a MiBoxer bridge/gateway. Reading the reaction on this forum, I start to wonder.

Is someone able to elaborate more on the interoperability of the new Homey Pro with smart products of various manufacturers? Including wether or not additional gateways are required?

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Hi Richard,

a lot of devices work without their own gatweay/bridge as homey has the antenna’s. But it all depends on if there is an app. Best would be to check the app store to see if there is an app for the brand you use, and then scroll to see if your devices are listed.

Some apps use the brand gateway/bridge, others don’t. Some have both options (for example Philips Hue can be used with and without the bridge, using a different app).

And when in doubt you can always ask here about a certain specific device (in this topic) or the app specific topic if you can find that one, I’m sure there is anyone out here happy to confirm it for you.

And a note: Some apps show:
This means the app still needs to be updated to the new software to be available on the latest homey. Tere is a topic listing all the not converted apps and if they will be updated. Some apps won’t be available on the latest Homey anymore, or not yet.

Hi Koen,

Unfortunately MiLight indeed gives the message you showed: not compatible yet.

That unclarity is a no go for me for pre ordering. Spending € 400 for a device that might not work for my situation is too risky. Especially considering the remarks I found in the forum that also for the current version of Homey Pro support suddenly stopped.

Having said that I keep an eye on hoe the situation around Homey Pro 2023 develops.


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Hi Richard,
The app that you were watching is for the 2,4 GHz RF MiLight protocol where you have homey talk to the four or eight-zone MiLight hubs, which then talks to the lamps. That app has been dropped ( :rage: ) by Athom.
If you’re looking into getting MiLight brand ZigBee 3.0 compatible lights, I wouldn’t worry too much. They should work fine as generic ZigBee 3.0 devices, like many LED strip controllers and other lamps. You don’t need a specific app for that. That said, you’ll miss some stuff like proper icons, exact power metering, possible custom functions like light modes etc.
But they’ll very likely work.

Mi-light sdk3 works again

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