Reuse "old" Homey 2018 with new Homey Pro?

Does someone know whether it’ll be possible to reuse the “old” Homey (2018) in any way with the new Homey Pro when it arrives? I am thinking of range extending … I already saw the community effort with the “Homesh” app.

Homesh is your only option, Homey Pro (2016/2018/2019) won’t be made a (native) satellite like Homey Bridge by Athom.

And you can connect the Old homey as an Zwave client to the new Honey Zwave network, to also use the zwave extenions.
I think it can already be done (but i have no way of testing it now), else i will create a device for it in Homesh to connect it as zwave.

Yes theoretically that’s possible to include it as generic Z-Wave device so it will act as a router, though it has no functionality (the standard onoff capability won’t do anything).
Though have never tried that :thinking:

No thought so, but i do wanna look into if i can add any functionalities.
Do you know if, when Homey is a zwave-client/device, i can recive signals on the client in any way?

On the new Homey it’s a App device which can be programmed ofc., but on the client it’s different.
Perhaps you (or anyone else) knows of some tricks?

I’m actually not sure how Homey would react to such, in theorie it should show up as controller on the Z-Wave page, but not sure how you could respond to anything/send anything, outside of the raw Z-Wave flow card and raw Z-Wave commands on the Dev pages.
But as the raw Z-Wave card is able to do it (most likely), should be possible from an app too, though that would probably will need some lower level z-waveing

So, i can send, but i cannot (act on ) a recieved message on the client, right?

Or can Apps also read generic (non-app-device) zwave signals?

That I’m definitely not sure, in apps you don’t receive any commands from other Z-Wave devices, security reasons and such, so I don’t you can :thinking:.
Gets bound to a certain driver.