Homey Pro 2023 and Homey Bridge Satelite mode

I have a question regarding satelite mode. I have a house and a workshed. They are pretty far apart but on the same wifi/network. (I have ethernet running out to my shed) Can I have my Homey Pro in my house and then have the homey bridge in my workshed as a satelite if they connect to the same wifi (or network)? Or do they need to connect directly to eachother?.. Does anybody know?

The Homey Bridge is only a satellite or access point for 433 Mhz and Bluetooth. For Zwave and Zigbee, the bridge is nothing more than a normal repeater.
If you can’t receive Zwave and Zigbee from Homey in the workshop, it won’t do any good to place a Bridge there.
You need a chain of repeaters to bridge the distance.

A budget friendly solution could be connecting a Hue/Tuya/Lidl wired hub in your shed.
Dependable on the devices you want to use ofc.
Oh, Tuya/Lidl need internet, Hue works local (afaik) with a Pro.

Ah bummer. I already have a few Z-wave devices installed there… (Right now I have a Telldus setup in the shed that I wanna phase out)

How come it only works as repeater? Doesn’t Homey Bridge support Z-wave fully?

The Homey Bridge supports Zigbee and Z-wave fully connected to Homey Cloud.
The satellite function, also for IR is new and not final.
First implementation it probably will do not much more than act as repeater for the Controller Homey Pro…

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