Homey Pro 2023 and Homey Bridge Satelite mode

I have a question regarding satelite mode. I have a house and a workshed. They are pretty far apart but on the same wifi/network. (I have ethernet running out to my shed) Can I have my Homey Pro in my house and then have the homey bridge in my workshed as a satelite if they connect to the same wifi (or network)? Or do they need to connect directly to eachother?.. Does anybody know?

The Homey Bridge is only a satellite or access point for 433 Mhz and Bluetooth. For Zwave and Zigbee, the bridge is nothing more than a normal repeater.
If you can’t receive Zwave and Zigbee from Homey in the workshop, it won’t do any good to place a Bridge there.
You need a chain of repeaters to bridge the distance.


A budget friendly solution could be connecting a Hue/Tuya/Lidl wired hub in your shed.
Dependable on the devices you want to use ofc.
Oh, Tuya/Lidl need internet, Hue works local (afaik) with a Pro.

Ah bummer. I already have a few Z-wave devices installed there… (Right now I have a Telldus setup in the shed that I wanna phase out)

How come it only works as repeater? Doesn’t Homey Bridge support Z-wave fully?

The Homey Bridge supports Zigbee and Z-wave fully connected to Homey Cloud.
The satellite function, also for IR is new and not final.
First implementation it probably will do not much more than act as repeater for the Controller Homey Pro…

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I have installed the Homey Bridge according to the manual here:

When I try to add a Fibaro Door/Windows Sensor 2 to the bridge, nothing happens. I have reset the sensor, replaced the battery, no succes.
When I try to add it to Homey Pro 2023, it does connect. The sensor will be installed away from Homey Pro 2023 so I need it to be connected to the Bridge.

Should the sensor be connected to the Pro before it can communicate to the Bridge? Or is there something else I’m missing?

Edit: I also tried a Fibaro plug, same result. The distance between the devices and Bridge was no more than 20 cm.

From the page you linked:

Using Satellite Mode

The just-connected Homey Bridge will automatically join Homey Pro’s Zigbee and Z-Wave network as powered repeater, strengthening your mesh network of both wireless technologies.

So, you will have to add your device to your Homey Pro, in this case the bridge is just a ‘dumb’ repeater. You can’t decide if it will connect to Homey, the Bridge or any other repeater, the network will figure it out by itself.


Welcome to early access https://homey.app/en-us/wiki/hp23-early-access/

  • Satellite Mode
  • 433 MHz
  • Infrared
  • LED Ring & Flow Cards
  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave

As @DaneedeKruyff says, but only when it is implemented. Both Zigbee and Z-wave are not yet implemented in the Satellite software.

@DaneedeKruyff :kissing_closed_eyes: I did not read it that well apparently.

@Dijker I did see that, but in the wrong way. I expected the crossed lines were not working, but it is the other way around. So I will have to re-install my old Homey Pro 2016 for a while.

Thank you both for the clarification.

You can buy a second hand pro 2016/2019 and use the Homesh app to connect the pro 2023 and pro 2019 through wifi….
Then you can control everything in the shed from your pro 2023.
I use this method also…works perfectly

Thanks. Just seems like a pretty odd solution, especially when I have a “satellite” unit as well. Its really just an expensive extender, which I off course should have know before I bought it…

Ah, you already bought it….
Well, maybe if we wait long enough Athom will change it.
In the meantime it’s indeed an expensive IR/RF extender, as zigbee and x-wave aren’t working yet.

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thanks for this info, I bought a bridge for a satellite setup so to expand coverage for 6 types of signals, as named in the product description. But you stated it won’t do that and only help in 433 and Bluetooth.
I need it for Zigbee and Z-Wave. Especially as Zigbee works perfectly for Philips HUE, but that’s another network where other Zigbee devices cannot have the benefits of. So, for the Zigbee sensors I had installed, I hoped the bridge will solve that problem, but it never picks up a signal and is not part of the Zigbee / Zwave network. Based on your statement I understand why. Thus, for me waste of moneny and doubt how I can get coverage around my whole house with a single homey

based on the description
" Using Satellite Mode
The just-connected Homey Bridge will automatically join Homey Pro’s Zigbee and Z-Wave network as powered repeater, strengthening your mesh network of both wireless technologies."

suggest that the Z-Wave and Zigbee network will be expanded, as those network will by their nature bi-direxctional, thus signal receiving and sending whould be work. But, the bridge will not become part of these networks, even if stated it wil automatically join them. While I check the device, it stated everything is working perfectly.

Sorry to say, but it was not worth the time waiting for this new HP23 and its companion bridge, waste of time and money. Especially as homey is (may be was) the heart of my home automation, and since I migrate I get more mesh than the new device should solve

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Did you follow the roadmap ? The Homey Bridge is also supposed to serve as a satellite for Zigbee and Zwave. But this is not yet available. So be patient !


Its not really a satelite, according to the roadmap, for Zigbee and Zwave its just going to work as a extender. Which is really pointless. Then I might as could have bought a Z wave range extender for 1/4 of the price… And it will still not reach my workshop.

Until homey23 can use the bridge, you can use the bridge with the homey cloud, just for the shed and for some months. The first 3 months are free, then only 3euros per month, so in a year its only 27euros, cheaper than an old 2019 pro.
Then connect the homey environments using webhooks.

Actually that was my original plan, but as the h23 has 12 months delivery time or so,and the homey cloud works for me very well, i stay with the cloud variant

Nonsense, when ordering now estimated delivery is june. Let’s not believe that and say it will take 3 times the time they say it’s still ‘just’ 3 months.

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True, but it is not an old Pro + a bridge is another €69,-
It’s quite limited when you compare them, mostly because of the limited available apps.

Not if you slready have a bridge, and that is the case here i believe. Plus you are comparing a new bridge with an old pro. I see bridge for sale as low a 45euros now.

For a shed , having zwave,zigbee etc should be enough, but yes i you want to run fullcommunity apps in the shed then you can’t this way, that is why you can use webhooks