Zigbee Satellite mode

Hi all!

Does anyone have insight in when the zigbee satellite connection will start working between a Homey and a Homey Pro (both 2023 model)? The homey website mentioned this functionality should have come in Q3 this year, but yet no updates so far.

Would like to hear if anyone knows more or has a great solution.

All the best! - Tim


Thank you so much for sharing this! For some reason I didn’t come across it.

The “Satellite mode” for Zigbee is nothing more than the old Homey acting as a Zigbee router. There are much cheaper solutions for that, like IKEA smart plugs or signal repeaters (€10 each).

As it’s stated in the changelog info: Zigbee router and not Zigbee coordinator
But I know that many people misunderstand the meaning of Satellite Mode in combination with Zigbee…

Exactly! Well I do have to say I was confused in the beginning as well, hoping it would be some kind of ZigBee receiver transmitting the messages over the network on to the other Homey. So now I’m basically stuck with the Homey Bridge here.

Just did the update and trying out if it works.The distance between the Pro and Bridge is approx. 15m, but with quite some concrete in between.

I did notice the firmware of the Bridge did not change (yet) and is still at 81, however I did see in the app it was updating some ZigBee stuff on the Bridge. I’ll keep you posted on how it’s going.

Update: Somehow I can’t find a way to update the Homey Bridge (connected as satellite) to the RC firmware, so for now it’s not traceable in the ZigBee device list in the “developer tools”. Anyone experience with this?