Homey Bridge in satellite mode 500m away, will zigbee work?

I have my Homey pro in the main house. There is a barn 500 meters away where I want to place a Homey bridge in satellite mode. In the barn, will I be able to connect zigbee devices? Will it connect to my “main” zigbee network that is around the house? The zigbee network does not reach the barn today. The barn and the main house is on the same LAN.

In that case, the Bridge will not be of use. It’s just a regular Zigbee router device that needs to be part of your Homey Pro’s Zigbee network.

No. The bridge will function as a normal Zigbee router. It will not forward Zigbee messages via WiFi.
However 433 MHz devices will work. I verified this for devices like lamps, but not yet for devices like motion sensors.

Thank you both for your replies.