Addig Homey Bridge as a extender to Home Pro 2023?


I received my Homey Pro 2023 and I also have the Homey Bridge so how can I use the bridge as a extender for my signals on second floor?


What step in the process is a issue for you?

If you haven’t done yet, remove the Homey Bridge from Homey (subscription)

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I Added the Homey Bridge as a device to my Pro23 but I don’t see the Homey Bridge as a repeater at my Pro23 zigbee menu:

Welcome to Early Access: Homey Pro — Early Access Status | Homey

That will be added Later:

Q1 2023

  • HomeKit Experiment
  • Web API Keys
  • Port Forwarding
  • Satellite Mode
    • Zigbee
    • Z-Wave

So for Now InfraRED and RF 433Mhz works (Experimental as in Early Access) if the Homey App supports it already (maybe needs an Update. ).

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Ok so now the Satellite Mode is useless to add my Zigbee devices because I can’t use the Homey Bridge as a repeater?


Is Athom referring to using the bridge as a repeater for Zigbee and Z-Wave here? Because the term “satellite” wouldn’t really cover it then imho. Then (almost) all powered Zigbee devices would be “satellites”.

There has been a suggestion to Athom to be able to use the bridge as a separate Zigbee (and perhaps Z-Wave too, not sure if there was talk about that too) as well.
That would cover the term “satellite” imho.

Did they add that to the roadmap or are they still referring to using the bridge a s a repeater for Zigbee and Z-Wave?

Don’t know if they added Separate Zigbee or Z-Wave networks to the roadmap,
Adding the Homey Bridge as satellite for RF- and IR - only was announced in Slack in the first weeks after release to developers.

Quote from

Using Satellite Mode

The just-connected Homey Bridge will automatically join Homey Pro’s Zigbee and Z-Wave network as powered repeater, strengthening your mesh network of both wireless technologies.

Homey Bridge can also act as a transmitter for your Infrared and 433 MHz devices.


IMHO, I don’t think they will ever make the Bridge as a separate network device for Zigbee nor Z-wave.
they can do it for 433 and IR is because they can easily transfer between Satellite or Homey with the click of a button, as they aren’t linked to a chip.
Where Z-Wave and ZigBee are linked to their respective chip, so if the users wants to switch between Homey or the Satellite they will have to re-include their device.
Especially with ZigBee because of the different brand of chips used (the same reason you need to re-pair ZigBee devices after a migration, for now at least).
Z-Wave does have the option of being a second controller, but that has yet to ever be implemented by Athom, even in the older Homey Pros.

After adding the Bridge as a satellite I can’t add more Zigbee devices natively to the Bridge ! it says that I don’t own a Homey Bridge!

Well, Emile said in one of the AMA’s that it could be an interesting idea, so who knows? :slight_smile: I certainly hope for it.

I think it is very well explainable to users that they will have to re-pair the device (and break all flows they’re in) when they move the device the the Homey controller later.
Not really very different than moving a light bulb from the Hue gateway to Homey.

Well yeah, if you used the bridge as bridge for Homey Cloud then you reset it and include it as device into Homey Pro 2023.
If you re-include the bridge into the cloud you’ll might still have to re-include your devices as the z-wave and zigbee chip have been reset too, not sure if it puts back the configuration when it is included again.

Users already expect sometimes that it will expand their network by working together, instead of it being 2 different networks.
But as they are 2 different brands completely users can probably see easier why it won’t work together like that, but they will expect that from 2 Athom devices.

You removed the Homey Bridge from your Homey (subscription), you can’t add Zigbee devices there without a Bridge…

and 2nd, you add Zigbee devices to your Homey Pro (Early 2023), but to the network of Homey Pro, not the attached Bridge.

You would first have to select a “repeater” or “separate Zigbee network” mode when installing the bridge as satellite. One could very well explain what are the pro’s and cons in an information screen in the setup wizard.

And evt once again when adding a Zigbee device and selecting the “second” Zigbee network belonging to the bridge.

Of course other technical challenges might apply (like can the Homey controller control another Zigbee chip connected by TCP/IP), etc…
But making it clear to users should have to be too hard.
I understand that it might seem otherwise from a developers point of view, but if we stop implementing new functionalities, because users don’t read… my first reaction would be: RTFM… :slight_smile:

No should not be necessary to re-pair devices,

Yes, moving the Homey Bridge back to a Homey (subscription) restores the configuration like Zigbee an Z-Wave. (Sorry, Can’t find a online resource of it except that they stated it is Cloud backup up automatically and a Homey Bridge could be Replaced without re-pairing)

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I didn’t receive any info during the setup! so just asked for a Wifi for the Satellite and that was all.

My message was a reply to Caseda’s message, not yours… :wink:

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When a Homey Bridge is attached to Homey Pro 2023 is it linked via Z-Wave and ZigBee ie as a repeater on those networks. Does it not use Ethernet/WiFi as a link to pass Z-Wave or ZigBee data?

So I can’t set up a satellite in my garage which is out of Z radio range by quite a way but is linked via Ethernet ?

No, it is just a “normal” repeater, just like every other Zigbee/Z-wave device.
A request has been done to use it as a satellite that connects to the new HP23 by ethernet/wifi, but Athom hasn’t promised that this will be implemented…

So satellite is really an abuse of calling it a feature - it’s just a repeater :frowning: nothing more. A light bulb could be a Homey Satellite