Addig Homey Bridge as a extender to Home Pro 2023?

For Zigbee amd Z-Wave: yeah.
But for 433MHz or IR it is a real satellite i.e…

yes agreed but it’s single directional isnt it on those ?

Any suggestions how to add for example Aqara door sensors located in a garage (out of range) to a Homey Pro 2023 in house?

Extend the Range with a couple of Zigbee Routers (fe HUE or IKEA Lights, or IKEA Trådfri Repeaters, sockets etc.)

So without any connection except wired ethernet to the garage, i should be able to connect with a homey pro to a Zigbee router to extend to my range? Garage is to far away for wireless communication.

Not if it is to far for Wireless communication, Zigbee is also wireless Communication.
But Who says it is to far? Have you tried to fill the route / gap with Zigbee routers?

From Homey thru two or three routers (Zigbee Lights?) to the Sensor is possible:

FE from Homey thru ZR1 and ZR2 to Sensor…
No need for a Homey Bridge, and If Homey Bridge is in Satellite mode it still needs this Zigbee route to communicate the Zigbee signal. (it will be fe ZR2 in that case, imho wasting money if it has no other function there.)

Hello, I have a question about the bridge as a sallellite.

some text from the bridge mode on Homey:
" Homey Bridge can also act as a transmitter for your Infrared and 433 MHz devices. You can choose per-device whether to use Homey Pro itself, or one of your Homey Bridges as antenna.

To set this up, navigate to the Advanced Settings of a 433 MHz or Infrared device, and select Antenna. Finally, select which Antenna should be used."

I have several klik aan klik uit switches AWST 8800 and 8802 and they don’t have the option for selecting the bridge as antenna. Is this still in progress? I have bought the bridge for the switches on the second floor of my house while the Pro is on the first floor (ground level).

Hope to hear from you.

Kind regards, Wilfried

Do you have a Homey Pro (Early 2023) ?


Makes me think, while switches are transmitters:
Is it possible to select the antenna with receiving KaKu devices, like smart sockets, dimmers etc?

Just trying to find if some parts work as advertized.

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Yes, I am able to select the antenna with other kika devices, such as sockets or for example a doorbel.

I want the switches to be able to reach homey Pro via the bridge to switch a hue lamp for example.

OK, I think you should report a bug


afaik you don’t need to select for receiving, only for transmitting.

kika, oeps kaku off course :slight_smile:

That could be true, but I don’t feel that the switches om the 2nd floor are being handeled by the bridge.

Thx, I just did.

Why is that your feeling? Is it working?

That is because I first had the Homey pro on the 2nd floor and then the switches worked. After that I placed the Home Pro on the ground floor and then it didn’t work anymore. So I decided to buy the bridge and thought that the bridge would pick up that signal and bring it to the Homey Pro.

This is being planned but has not yet been implemented. At the moment, the bridge is a normal repeater for Zigbee and Zwave. I am also waiting for the bridge to be modded, which will significantly increase the range and coverage.

@wrutjes is talking about KAKU, so RF433 and that is implemented. at least transmitting. it looks like Receiving isn’t working as expected for Wilfried.


Not sure, but maybe this FW update makes a little difference. Worth a shot anyways, when you want to run beta updates that is: