Homey bridge as amplifier extender for homey pro

Hi, I have a homey pro 2023 and have buyer 2 bridges to extend zwave and zigbee in the house. But how is it possible to add the bridge to homey pro? I can’t find a solution. The only thing that worked was to add the homey bridge as a own device and network.

Thanks and regards

It’s just a case of RTFM I’m afraid… :hugs:

PS. zigbee router functionality is not implemented yet: https://homey.app/en-us/wiki/hp23-early-access/

Thanks for the helpful information but how do I see if it’s automatically ist connected to the homey pro network? If I click on devices I’ll still see both homey pro and home bridge and I can switch the devices?

Sounds like the bridge has been added to your account as a controller rather then satellite.

You will have to delete and reset it, then follow the instructions for adding it as a satellite.

Ie. Reset bridge wait for blue light then Go to your homey pro and click add device same way you add any light / sensor then wait for it to show up.

Ok guys thanks for the info I’ll try that today