Extending zwave with Homey Bridge with HP23

My goal is to be able to use zwave devices out by my pool which seems to be out of reach of Homey Pro even though I have tried to add repeaters. I purchased the bridge thinking that I would that in my garage and that would extend out to the pool. Well the way I originally set it up it seems that I did not setup the bridge as a satellite but rather a hub and it connected everything by the pool but that I realized that is basically a separate hub and not all included together with my Pro devices. So I removed all the devices and factory reset the bridge and tried to connect the zwave devices again once the bridge was in satellite mode and no luck. What am I doing wrong?
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Please follow the support article for more information: Setting up Satellite Mode

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Hi DirkG - thanks for the warm welcome - I did setup satellite mode correctly and see my bridge as device with my HP23. The challenge is now that the devices that I had been able to connect prior with the bridge not set up as a satellite do not now connect when the bridge is a satellite - therefore not extending the reach of my network as intended

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Related to the range I don’t know if the Z-Wave Chip behaves different, if the Bridge is a Z-Wave coordinator or just a Z-Wave router/repeater, but I guess not. @Caseda, can you provide some details maybe?

The routing of Z-Wave devices is not always logical and not always straightforward. This means that the devices in the garage may try to connect to other routers. As the bridge was the coordinator, these devices had no way of connecting to other devices.

You can try the following:

  • Check if the bridge is actually connected to the HP23 as a router:
    Developer Tools → Z-Wave → Click on the 3 dots in the row of the bridge on the right-hand side image → Test
    If an info appears “Node X is reachable” everything ist fine. If an info appears “Node X is not reachable” than there is a problem
  • If the Bridge is reachable, try to include the Z-Wave devices close to the Bridge and check, if the new device is listed in the overview of the Z-Wave devices and is connected (Test)
  • Developer Tools → Z-Wave → Click on the 3 dots in the row of the new Z-Wave device on the right-hand side image → Heal (Heal means, the device searches for other routers in the network and may connect to a “better” router)
  • Place your Z-Wave device at the place of use and carry out the Test and/or Heal again.

Please note: Battery-operated devices must be woken up before Test/Heal.

Note: I don’t own a Bridge myself, but I’ve already read some posts with similar problems. If no other users can provide further tips, then I recommend that you contact Athom support.