Definite answere about Bridge extending Zigbee and Zwave via Lan or Wifi

Hi There,

I want to set up some sensors and switches in a separate building which will be connected via a network cable. The building is too far away and with too many thick walls to get a reliable wifi, zwave or zigbee mesh.
When HP2023 and bridge were announced it looked like ‘Satellite mode’ would be the answer but there appears to be a lot of doubt over this.

Does anyone one know for definite if this is working or planned? It’s a bit of a show stopper for me if it doesn’t work. Not buying two Homey Pros!

If what is working or planned?

Hi Robert, sorry if my question wasn’t clear.

I am trying to establish whether Satellite mode (my understanding is that this means the HP and Bridge can be connected via LAN) means that zwave and zigbee devices can connect to the remote Homey Bridge, therefore allowing use in a building that is too far away for reliable zwave/zigbee mesh connection. I hope this clarifies things.

In satellite mode, a Bridge acts as a Zigbee or Z-Wave router/repeater, which means it needs to be able to connect to a Homey Pro over Zigbee/Z-Wave. It’s not a proxy that will allow you to set up a separate Zigbee/Z-Wave network at the other building and use devices connected to that network on your Homey Pro.

OK, thanks for the clarification Robert.