Best way to extend z-wave with Home Pro 2023

Hi all,

There have been some historic posts on this, however keen for any up to date advice given changes with the product.

I have a large house which my Homey Pro 2023 does not fully cover with zwave.

I added a Homey Bridge in Satellite mode, but as far as I can tell, this did not extend zwave coverage at all.

There is mixed advice on whether the Homey Bridge in Satellite mode even extends z-wave.

If not, what is the best solution? Has anyone else had this challenge?

Appreciate any advice if you have been down this path already. Thank you

The principal of Z-wave hasn’t changed in 10 years, and won’t change in the future.
It is a mesh network protocol so devices can talk to each other and relay messages to other devives.
The bridge is just 1 single device in this mesh (so not a wifi to zwave satellite, but a routing device).
So to extend the zwave range, you still need to extend your zwave mesh network with additional (mains) powered devices.

@ADNZ I’m using this one and it works fine. You just plug it in, add it to your HP23, and then you can forget everything about it as it does its magic without requiring your assistance.
PS: I’m not affiliated with Aeotec, just using some of their products