Can I/Should I use Homey Bridge to extend the range of my Homey Pro (2023) in my house?

I have recently installed a Homey Pro (2023) which is working quite fine although i am at the very beginning of my automation journey.
I live in a 3 floors house and Homey Pro is currently located in the middle floor.
I noticed (when installing Fibaro Smoke detectors in the upper floor) that the Zwave signal was not strong enough. I currently do not have many Zwave actors to feed the mesh.
Apart from the Zwave mesh, should I buy Homey Bridge to extend the range of my Homey Pro and ensure full reach into the house?

This part is not yet implemented, see

*Q1 2023


  • Satellite Mode
  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave

Better buy a couple of Z-Wave sockets or other Z-Wave powered devices for the time.

I tend to disagree, I think that the promise of the brudge as a way to create a better zwave/zigbee mesh in addition to the line of sight protocols is actually great value.

For a couple dollars more then the price as a zwave extender you get a zwave/zigbee/ir/etc extender all in one - on a power cord so you can place it where you like … with a free night light.

I just think it makes good financial sense :slight_smile:

Because it’s also able to be updated, there is also always the (remote) possibility that a Bluetooth proxy will be added, or a way to properly “bridge” two areas via Ethernet or wifi. Until then we have a community app to do that (I think)?

My advice - I think stock up on homey bridges and use them as satellites when it’s completed in q1 (ie :soon: )

Thanks Jamie, i also agree with you.
I will wait for the bridges to be updated with latest capabilities and then go for it.

I hope Bluetooth proxy will be one of the updates made. Every other aspect of homey is extendable except BLE