Addig Homey Bridge as a extender to Home Pro 2023?

I’d rather wait for the next stable version. I just set up the Homey and I would think it would be a shame if it suddenly became unstable. I turned off my domoticz yesterday so there is no longer a backup…

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It’s not a bad idea to wait for the stable release :wink:
One thing I noticed, but I assume you pressed the transmit button many times already, AFTER you connected the bridge as satellite succesfully:

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Thanks Peter, yes I did.
I solved it for now with a kaku repeater that I had for the garden :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tips and I’ll wait for the answer from Homey. I posted a question about this.

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Let us know the response from Headquarters :wink:

Here is the response: (in Dutch)
Het klopt dat op dit moment de Bridge nog niet als ontvanger gekozen kan worden. Development is hier van op de hoogte en dit is gedaan zodat je geen situaties krijgt waarbij beide de Bridge en de Pro hetzelfde signaal ontvagen en dus twee keer acties gaan uitvoeren. Er moet hier dus nog naar gekeken worden hoe dit opgelost gaat worden. Het staat dus wel op de roadmap maar we kunnen nog geen garanties geven of en wanneer en in welke vorm dit geïmplementeerd zal gaan worden.

Thanks for sharing.
The roadmap is apparently marked too optimistically :woozy_face: while RF 433MHz is marked as finished
Although the complete Pro 2023 is still “early access”, so these kind of issues are ‘allowed’ I guess :grimacing: