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Press the learing button in the “homey” broadlink app until a Orange light goes on in the broadlink pro. Then hold the remote you want to learn in front of the broadlink pro and press the button. You Will then find the button in the homey app under settings

Hi Frans - it took me a few attempts to work out how to learn IR codes in the Homey app and I’d like to suggest a small addition to your description of how this is done. I was confused because when I press the learn button in the app there is no obvious result, I did not realise I should go immediately to advanced settings to edit the command name. Perhaps change the sentence to say something like “there is no indication on the learn screen that the command is added; go immediately to advanced settings and you will see ‘Cmmd 1’ under the list of RC commands, here you can edit the name of the command to something memorable”

I have RM3 Pro Plus (Firmware V52). The device is added to the homey but does not respond to the buttons “Learn IR” and “Learn RF”! What could be the problem?

Hi. Is there a way to input custom IR commands? Like discrete on/off for a Panasonic TV? I guess if I just “learn” it it’ll just toggle the power state and I would like to be able to Force On/Forec Off to make it usable in automations.


Interesting to know: @Janeriksn found out devices ’ Clas Ohlson, WiFi Smart Plug’
are also compatible with this Broadlink app.
See Clas Ohlson, WiFi Smart Plug

@Ruskie: The only thing a RM3mini or RM2ProPlus can do, is learn the IR commands it sees (that is, the buttons you pressed on your remote when learning).
If your remote does not have a ‘force on’ button, it cannot be learned. Note that you TV might not be able to understand such a command anyway.

Hi Remko,

this is exactly what I am looking for, I want to add Floureon Thermostats that also have a Broadlink chip to my home system. If I would send you one, could you add this device to the app?


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I am wondering whether it may work w/ an OSRAM LED-Panel Planoon Light…

Would it be possible to share learned IR across a few similar broadlink devices instead of going the each device to learn the same IR Code??

I have 3 RM-Mini-3 and a RM-Pro. Would be great if a learned command is stored globally that I can execute on another broadlink device in a flow instead of each device having their own commands as it is now?

Or even better, execute the IHC’s library of IR codes but I that would be problematic to reverse engineer…

The upcoming release of the Broadlink-app-for-Homey will feature support for thermostats (Hysen, Beok, etcetera). The Floureon thermosthats might very well work also

Remko, when i use a remote to learn the 3 buttons, every time just only one is working.
I want to ADD a curtain switch for my roller shutters. The remote is working fine and the Homey is learning the commands, because i can see cmdf-1 ,2 & 3 in the app settings but then when i create a flow for up, stop and down only just one is working. Do you have e fix for this or can you tell me what i AM doing wrong? I just bought the RM Pro Plus 3 just to use for this devices… like to hear from you

Hi Remko,

great news! Thanks for your hard work in.


I just installed the Broadlink-App (version 2.03) but the configuration page does not show when I try to open it. Is this a known problem?

The configuration page of the Broadlink-app should work correctly. Can you try release 2.0.4 of the app, to see if it does?


Can you respond my previous Message?

Hi, Sending commands the RM3-mini has learned should work. I am using the same trick to control my curtains :slight_smile:
Did you rename the commands in the settings page to a more logical name (I myself can never remember what cmd1 cmd2 or cmd3 is supposed to do)?
If so, can you try to use a name without spaces? It should not matter, but just in case this is the problem.

One thing to note is that it is not possible to send commands ‘at the same time’. that is, if you have 2 roller shutters, and want to close them in 1 flow (i.e. with 2 action-cards), one the the commands should be delayed (1 sec will do fine).

Hi Remko

I get the configuration page nog. Won’t be able to test until next week though.



Kan ik je Nederlands beantwoorden?

Ik heb de RM Pro 3, als ik 3 commando’s van een simpele afstandsbediening uit China leer dan werkt er blijkbaar altijd maar 1.

Ik heb ze niet direct hernoemd dacht ik. Dat kan ik nog proberen.

daarna heb een virtuele apparaat als jaloezieën en dan heb jk 3 verschillende flows voor omhoog, stop en omlaag. Zo gebruik jij ze dan ook denk ik?

Of kun jij een voorbeeld sturen zoals jij het gebruikt?

Ik heb overigens een simpele 433 MHz schAkelaar welke dus met een remote prima werkt.

Bedankt alvast

Met IR werkt alles perfect. Met een RF (433MHz) moet ik even kijken. Zal ik doen als ik later deze week weer wat tijd heb.

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