Homey Bridge and Infrared (IR Blast)


I am thinking of buying a Homey Bridge, but I need to make sure that I am able to use it as or with an IR blaster to control all my devices that has a remote control, in other words learn IR codes. Preferable I would like to use the Homey Bridge as an IR Blaster that could learn my codes, but secondary if needed I have to be able to use a 3rd party device to act like a IR Blaster in conjunction with Homey.

I know that Broadlink RM3 mini and RM4 mini are working well with the Homey Pro, but tthere are no Broadlink app for the Homey Beta (as of now), so I cannot use that with the Homey Bridge.

Is it possible as of now to get Homey alone or with 3rd party devices to learn codes and control my RC products?

Any help is really appriciated.

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Stig :slight_smile:

AFAIK, Homey only supports IR devices that are present in its database. In other words, it can’t learn IR codes and replay them.


Robert’s right.
Unfortunately, there’s no overview online about which brands&types are supported. But it’s a pretty big list I can say.

If you like, I can look up the devices in the IR base, if you provide for a list of brand&type.

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The SwitchBot hub has a programmable IR blaster and my app supports most of the features. If you have a device that has an unsupported feature, I can possible add it in.


I have been using the Switchbot Hub as an IR interface since the first hour of the app. It works very well and the Switchbot Hub is good value for money.

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Hi Peter … that would be awsome … I have looked at Broadlink RM4C Mini IR Blaster, but other than that I have not found any other blasters other than more expensive ones … but it might not be in the database since for what I have found I need the Broadlink Homey App, and that is not available for the Homey Beta at this point (I do not have a Pro but is considering to by a Homey Bridge)

Hi Adrian … I have now looked at the Switchbot Hub, and yes it seems actually to be what I need :slight_smile: … but will that work with the Homey Cloud? … I do not have a Homey Pro but is thinking of buying the Homey Bridge … By the way, what is the name of your app? :slight_smile:

Update … This morning I have borowed an Aqara HUB M2 from a colleague which actually works really well … but will it be able to work with Homey?

If you decide to go the SwitchBot route, my app is SwitchBot | Homey
The Homey Cloud version is currently available in test but should hopefully be fully released soon.


Thanks Adrian … I will order a SwitchBot and give it a go :-).

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Hi Adrian … I just received my first SwitchBot Hub Mini from Amazon today … absolutely not the last, its brilliant … I am able, with your Homey Beta test app to add my TV and Speaker Remote, but is missing the ability to add my Light Remote … is it possible for you to add that to the app? :slight_smile:

I will have a look. It will be a couple of day’s as I have requested the app is approved for release and I can’t publish another test version until that has been approved.

I fully understand, and thank you Adrian, I will look forward to it :slight_smile:

I have published a new test version that has the light remote.

Thank you so much Adrian, the new Light Remote works perfect, I have already testet it In a Flow, and everyrhing works :slight_smile: … I Think I need to buy a 4-5 extra SwitchBot Hubs now :smiley: …, I am really impressed of the range.

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