INfrared, broadlink etc

HI all,
So, I got a projector (without remote!). Through the magic of random trail and error in broadlink I got it working. However, I want to be able to control it via homey as well.
So I thought, be smart, I can let homey learn the command that the broadlink sends and voila… but the IR integration is broken I read?!

Is there a better way to get it to work. I can’t teach the broadlink via the broadlink app its own command unfortunately ( I think…would a mirror work?), so I don’t knwo what to do, and the IFTTT way that I use is only good for turning it on…


The type please? RM Pro / Pro4 / Mini3 / mini4?

Sorry. Rm Pro 3

A mirror won’t work unfortunately. While setting it into learning mode, it can’t send signals.
RM Pro3 might work with this app.

You could consider buying an RM mini3 for instance (~ €15), pair it to Homey, and then you can copy the signals from the RM Pro3.

Else, if you like, I can try to find the original remote somewhere, or the Beamers’ IR code, if you provide for the exact make, model and type.