IR problems / IR extender

Hi guys,

just got my Homey today and started to switch over from Fibaro.
One thing I hoped to do was to use Homey to send IR signals directly instead through the ZXT-120 IR Extender (Zipato Device).
Unfortunately, my devices (Onkyo Receiver an BenQ Projector) were found, but the IR signals do not work (Receiver can only do vol up and down, nothing else, not even on; Projector do not really receive signals, even if it is very near to the projector).

Also the ZXT-120 does not seem to work, as I am able to add the device, but Homey does not recognize it. So I cant do anything to learn and execute commands.

Long story short: I think I need a new solution. I read about the Harmony Hub. Is that still a good (or the best?) solution to work with IR-commanded devices like receivers etc. and use homey for it? If yes, I may need to bite the bullet and buy a hub…

EDIT: just saw that the hub is basically EOL.
Would maybe a BroadLink - RM4 Pro work?

EDIT2: if I spotted that right, the Broadlink app does not support the RM4 Pro either…
So maybe the RM Mini 3?

Thanks in advance,

If your onkyo is network enabled:

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Unfortunately my receiver does not support networking :wink:

Just a quick update: I ordered the RM3 Mini and it indeed worked with the Broadlink App.
Just a hint, if the RM3 wont work properly: make sure that the used Wifi only uses 2.4GHz Band. Mixed Band prefers 5GHz, RM3 cant work with that and connection fails. Took me an hour to find :smiley: