Benq (W1070) vs. Homey IR

I’m trying to get my Homey to power on my projector.

I tried adding IR (Add new device > Homey > Infrared) by pairing the power on-button, but it doesn’t seem to work. Homey notices the button being pushed and records it. But then no dice.

Has anyone been successful in this endeavour?

I wasn’t able to pair/copy any IR devices and use them (Mitsubishi airco, onkyo). Wayback there was a Homey case mode to make the IR opening bigger, but I didn’t try the mode. I’m going to monitor this thread.

Without casemodding this works for me perfectly. Every day when I walk into the living room the radio is already on through IR. Did you check with the camera on your phone if you see Homey transmitting IR? Also, did you try turning Homey a bit. The ring is not horizontal so that might make a difference.

The solution was: Broadlink RM mini 3:

  • Just install it; using the Broadlink app
  • Find the IP for the RM mini 3 (check router/connected devices)
  • Install device on Homey, add Broadlink - choose RM 3 - insert device IP
  • Long press device in device list
  • Press Learn IR command
  • Push desired button on remote (power on)
  • Go to settings (cog icon), advanced settings, choose the top one and rename it (Benq power on)
  • Repeat Learn IR command-process for power off

Then all you have to do is add it to flows to start and to power down, just add two power off commands (one with 1 sec delay [to confirm shutdown]).

Works like a charm. :clap:

This is not solution. It’s a workaround :slight_smile:

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