Add infrared devices

Now that Homey finally has a working IR transmitter, it’s no longer possible to learn infrared remotes. It’s like Homey sells a bike with only one wheel. First they sell it with only a rear wheel. Now they sell it with only a front wheel.
Can anyone recommend me a IR blaster for the Homey Pro 2023?

I have the Broadlink RM3 mini, but the app is no longer supported. So that’s a no go. Anything else please.

And maybe everyone with the same problem add to this topic. Maybe Homey can add a upload link for device specific IR databases.

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SwitchBot do them.

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Oh… my Pro 2019 model sends IR signals! Am I the only one?
And it never was possible to let Homey learn IR signals as ‘regular user’ (as I discovered after I bought my H.), except for when you write an app and use the captured code to send those signals using flows

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Peter, my old Hp2019 also send signals (based on cam recordings) but never worked for me…now on HP2023, same devices, luckily IR works flawlessly and it’s very powerful

I have successfully converted two units of the rm3 mini to tasmota infrared remote using MQTT, and I plan to convert a few more units to complete the process.

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Cool, pls share the how-to('s), thx.

Would this work with a Dyson AM 10 ir remote, Google chromecast 4k remote, Lg Oled ir remote and Ziggo Next remote?

I can’t say for sure but it can learn codes if it doesn’t have built in support. It has worked with everything I have, including two unbranded AC units.

There is this posting here Broadlink RM Mini 3: From Broadlink 3323 to ESP8266 -
Just to note there are different PCB version, hence the IR output pin need to double check.

Advantage of tasmota-infrared is that it has IRHVAC command able to the control AC Split system with existing library.

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Thanks for sharing, but it is way out of my league :hugs:

A long time ago my Homey (2016) was able to learn and repeat IR-codes. I didn’t have to do a complete reset since then so I’m still happily using my IR… Is it just an issue of missing UI for learning?

Hello, I personally use the Logitech Harmony Hub for yeas now and keeps working like a charm under homey pro early 2019

I ordered the swichbot mini hub, will arrive today. Also had the logitech hub and tried to add a new scenerio. But did not to succeed to add anything. Updating was not possible. Login on logitech on my (old not updateble)MacBook was not possible. On a windows computer also not possible, my credentials were wrong. Resetting password is only possible on the computer you made your account(Macbook). Resetting the hub, and reset to factory settings did not succeed. Ahhhhh. So i have thrown my harmony elite somewhere in a corner and ordered the switchbot. Hope i can make it work like harmony used to do.

The removed the functionality (software), instead relying on a IR library which works for most people.

You can still use the device to learn codes and create a quick app.

However In HP23, they removed the hardware for reading IR so it’s not possible at all.

I looked at the Switchbot mini too, but it wasn’t listed in the app as supported. Please let me know if it is working like it should.

I bought the mini hub. But how do i add the hub into Homey? When i add an new device and choose the switchbot app i am
Not able to add the hub. What am
I missing?

The mini hub doesn’t add to Homey as it has no capabilities. Basically, you add devices to the hub in the Switchbot app and they appear in Homey via the cloud.

I added a humifier remote called Dyson AM 10, but it does not appear. It does work in the switchbot app

Could you send the Detected log from Configure App screen. Tap on the Get Hub Devices button and then on the Send log button once the list has populated.