IR control for TV and Electric Fire


I’m looking to make the switch from Fibaro’s HCl ( junk IMO ) to the Homey Pro , One thing i really want to be able to do is to use an IR Blaster to control my TV and satellite ( SKY ) box and also in the room i have an electric fire that’s controllable using infra red…

Has anyone any experience of doing this with Homey and could they recommend a product that would achieve it ?

Hi Barra!
You can consider a Broadlink RM mini3

Available at f.i. Ali express

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Thank You Peter

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Homey physically does have IR hardware built into it which can physically transmit and receive IR signals. It does have a code leaning feature but from I’ve heard this does not work and is broken. I tried it myself. It accepts codes ok but won’t re-broadcast them…

Even though Homey does have IR you will have to go and buy an IR bridge I’m afraid, like what Peter recommended…

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