Clas Ohlson, WiFi Smart Plug

I recently bought the Homey v2. And wanted to pair my WiFi smart plug from Clas Ohlson.
But couldn’t find a app on Homey for it. After some more research about the WiFi plug, i found out that it was originally a Broadlink plug and was branded to Clas Ohlson.
So the solution to pair it with my homey was to:

  1. Configure the WiFi plug with the “CO Home” app.
  2. Find the IP of the WiFi plug trough the router. The WiFi plug will come up with a name like “BROADLINK_OUTLET”.
  3. Download Broadlink app on the Homey.
  4. In Homey: Add device, Broadlink, SP2. Then input the IP of the WiFi plug you want to add.

Nice work! Thanks for letting us know :slight_smile:

Hello Henriksen,
Thanks for the information, this works great on the previous, but it does not work for the New type though… I find it and can connect it to homey, but it cant be controlled…

Would be nice with an input…

From What i can see the new model is also Manufactured by BroadLink, Model: SP4L-EU.
This one is currently not supported in the BroadLink app in Homey.
You can try to send a request to Remko Wensveen to add support for this device.

Have you tried to add it in homey as a SP3 to see if this works?

Hello janeriksn,
Yes I have tried to add it as SP3, but then I get a message that he has found a SP2. not possible to add as SP3.
How do I Send an request to Remko?
Thanks for your feedback.

You can ask here on the app page in the community
Broadlink app