Hihome smart plug

Anyone know if I can connect a hihome wpp 10s to homey pro? It is a wifi plug, I can connect it straight to the router without hub.
Maybe something similar from the list that can work? Since hihome does not appear in the supported names.

If it uses zigbee, you could try the ‘Tuya Zigbee’ app.
They look a lot like my Blitzwolf’s that i have connected with this app.

Edit i see these are wifi plugs.
Doesn’t Homey itself know them?

No, Homey hardly knows any devices out of the box, you need specific apps for almost everything.

Big chance it is Tuya based.

Thanks a lot Peter, this is awesome, it worked :grin::grin::upside_down_face:. Even if it doesn’t show the power consumption, the fact that I can finally add it to my homey flows is great. I’ve tried before with the normal tuya app from homey, not the cloud version, and obviously it didn’t work.
Cheers :beers:

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YW, Alex. Unfortunately the metering data isn’t provided for by the Tuya API.

Peter, Op dit moment heeft Ibood een aanbieding met hihome stekkers. Zouden deze ook via Homey gekoppeld kunnen worden denk je?

Henk Slootweg

Hello Henk,

I found it

You can control them with Tuya Cloud. If not as device, the alternative tap-to-run method will work.
With the new Tuya iot cloud API it’s even possible the power metering is enabled, but, that’s NOT always the case

Thanks Peter. Then it should work via Homey.