Support for Deltaco smart plugs


Have anyone tried Deltaco and found a way to connect their power meters to Homey?

Released only a couple of months ago they look very promising.

A test (unfortunately in Norwegian) praises the products. The article basically says “The smart plugs have got a new king. Deltaco crushes its competitors for both ease of use and price”:

I am looking for a energy monitor, not necessarily turning the product on and off, and therefore WiFi could be good enough for this :slight_smile:

If I see it correct is is a rebranded Tuya device?
see here: Tuya Cloud app

But There are more apps to make Tuya work.

Personally If you have the choice to buy, buy something that is supported and reported to be working.

Looks like a brand that uses the Tuya app.
I saw them for 99 NOK at Black friday but there was one thing i didnt like.

The small one only has on/off function.

The large one has power consumption as well but looks way too big.

@Gakk: If you dont mind wifi plugs i would recommend these:

They are smaller, cheaper and also allow 16A instead of 10. I got 6 of them now and im super happy.
Comparing to my other 4 plugs from innr (zigbee) and 2 Z-wave Neo Coolcam plugs they works just as good so far. been using them since november.
Works with Tuya and also works with homey trough the app there :slight_smile:

I totally agree, @Dijker. Usually I would buy stuff that already has verified Homey support. The reason for my request was since the product looked new and promising :slight_smile:

Thanks for info about Tuya rebranding. I might give that a try.

I might look into Neo, @Odechr, but preferably from another supplier than AliExpress :innocent:

I have bought battery operated sensors from AliExpress, but I’ve poor experience with electronics connected to the power grid. I’d rather buy them locally.

The plugs I am buying this time is only for power monitoring, and would never be used to toggle power on and off (eg. freezer, dishwasher etc.). Therefore I think WiFi is good enough, as it is not critical if I loose network.

Do so, they are realiable. Deltaco is made in china as well, and most likely the same producer as all the other plugs. Just different design. So buying them local or from Ali doesnt make much difference.

Same product, different wrappings :slight_smile:

Did you get the Delteco plug to work with Homey?

Interested in some plugs with power meter as well, and Delteco still looks smaller and is cheeper then most options out there. They are also available everywhere in Norway.

Anyone made this plug work with Homey?

Did you get the Delteco plug to work with Homey?

Sorry, I never tested them…

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I wonder the same thing about the deltaco smart bulbs.