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Smart WiFi Plug Adaptor 16A Tuya (aliexpress)


I have 2 Smart wifi Plugs from Aliexpress. I would like to know if i can connect them with my Homey. They are Tuya but if i want to connect to one of the Tuya aps (the green one) i need to fill in some data and i don’t know what i need to do. Can someone help me?


Greetings Wouter from Holland.!

Schermafbeelding 2020-08-26 om 21.19.54|482x499

Hi Wouter, already have a solution ? I can connect those plugs to homey, and they work, but i can’t measure the current with them. If i connect them to the Lidl Gateway, i can measure the current. If you have a correct connection to the Homey, i would like to know how you did it…