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Hi, is it possible to add power measurement for supported plugs? I am using one of them… In tuya I can see the current power usage. This is not possible in the homey app.

Hello Seeps,

Thanks for the answer.
Yes, I’ve done that. (multiple times even)
I’ve tried to click Save… Reconnect…
I don’t receive any erreor message.

Question : My light bulbs are already connected to Smart Life. Do I need to put back the light bulb in search mode ??


@forden Keep in mind tuya API refreshes once in 10 minutes.
So be patient when you want to add new connected devices (in Smartlife/Tuya phone app) to Homey via Tuya Cloud app.

A. If your lights are connected in Smartlife app, then it’s done. Thats it.
After 10 mins, you should be able to add newly connected lights to Homey via Tuya cloud app

Search here first, please, Marcel…
Your Q. is placed here multiple times :smirk:

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Thank you Peter_Kawa for your answer.

I’ve got 4 lights added 14 days ago in SmartLife app.
No one is appearing in Homey.
And when I try to add them, using Tuya Cloud’s Homey’s app, it tells me “No device found”.

@forden Weird stuff going on!

Please try to

OR if the info above does not help:

  • remove the SmartLife app from phone.
  • reboot phone
  • install Tuya app on phone
  • log on (or create) to Tuya account on your phone (NOT by using google/fb account)
  • Connect 1 light or plug
  • On Homey: Change “business” in Tuya Cloud app to Tuya
  • Enter your country’s international phonenumber prefix. For the Netherlands f.i. it is “31” (don’t use zero or plus sign in front of it)
  • Log on with exactly the same credentials as used with Tuya app on phone
  • After 10 mins. you should be able to add new devices from Tuya Cloud app.
    • After adding, wait another 10mins before the new devices can be controlled.

Please let me know if it was of any use.


Your right, thanks! Found the answer…

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Thank you again for the answer.
I followed you stepguide.
I’ve added 1 light bulb to Tuya and it appeared Homey now (after adding Device => LightBulb).
But it’s impossible to use it.
I have this red Triangle.
And when I press the light bulb (in homey, long or short), il got this message: temporary unavailable.

Here’s a screenshot


After some time, it became availbale. Thanks.

So, now is time for me to move my devices from SmartLife to Tuya.

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@forden That is again the Tuya API, which syncs only once in 10 mins.
So it takes another 10 mins for your added light to become available in Homey. As you discovered :wink:


@forden Great it is working now!

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Yes, thanks again :slight_smile:

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Hey! I have a problem connecting my two Tuya lights to Homey. I’ve added both lights in the Tuya app and one of them to Homey. The other one Homey can’t seem to find. The one light that is connected to Homey keeps saying it’s (temporary) unavailable. I’ve waited (more than) 10 minutes, but the error keeps showing up and I can’t use the light.

Any one know any solutions I could try? Thanks!

Weird stuff also!
Does the “(temporary) unavailable” light on Homey respond using the tuya app on your phone?

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yes, they do work in the Tuya app and I can control them with the app.

@Camilla, Can you make a crash report and post the id here. Without id I don’t know from who the crash report is.

@Peter_Kawa, Thanks for help and explaining!

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Thanks for looking into it! here is the ID: 5877BCD650

@Camilla , I can’t find the report. Did you made a app crash report? I think you made a Homey crash report. You can made an app crash report on the following way: go to settings => apps => open Tuya cloud app and go to settings( wheel on right upper corner). On this page you can send the report.

Sorry, you’re right. Here is the report for tuya cloud: 9463a6b4-6f82-43ae-af58-3f2185048258

@Camilla , I looked at your report, but did you changed your username and/or password. Or did you reset your Tuya password. The Tuya API is returning that the password and/or username are not correct.