[App][Pro] Tuya Cloud

@forden Weird stuff going on!

Please try to

OR if the info above does not help:

  • remove the SmartLife app from phone.
  • reboot phone
  • install Tuya app on phone
  • log on (or create) to Tuya account on your phone (NOT by using google/fb account)
  • Connect 1 light or plug
  • On Homey: Change “business” in Tuya Cloud app to Tuya
  • Enter your country’s international phonenumber prefix. For the Netherlands f.i. it is “31” (don’t use zero or plus sign in front of it)
  • Log on with exactly the same credentials as used with Tuya app on phone
  • After 10 mins. you should be able to add new devices from Tuya Cloud app.
    • After adding, wait another 10mins before the new devices can be controlled.

Please let me know if it was of any use.